Maddie & Anjelica in ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ – A Comedy Series On Netflix

Teenage Bounty Hunters poster

We have all been through the teenage school going period! All that pressure to keep up the grades, the assignment, and ofcourse the crushes. All the crazy stuff that could have probably got you expelled, yet these crazy out of the roof activities are what keeps the memories alive. But what’s the craziest thing you have ever done? Let me guess! Ever worked as a part-time bounty hunter? As crazy as it sounds, Netflix’s new comedy series – Teen Bounty Hunters is all set to take you through the lives of two teenage girls, who also happen to be fraternal twin sisters, who works as part-time bounty hunters along with maintaining their full-time ‘normal’ teen school going girls.

About Teenage Bounty Hunters

The American teen comedy is created by Kathleen Jordan and produced under the umbrella production of Kathleen Jordan, Robert Sudduth, Tara Hermann, Jenji Kohan, Blake McCormick. Formerly titled Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters, the title was later renamed as Teenage Bounty Hunters.

The creator of the American teen comedy Teenage Bounty Hunters is also credited for American Princess, Hack My Life, Pacific Warriors.

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This August, stars Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini will enact the comedy saga of a lifetime. Teenage Bounty Hunters series is backed by the team who are also credited with the famous shows Orange Is The New Black and Glow.

Teenage Bounty Hunters Trailer

Netflix has recently released the Trailer, which gives a glimpse of the teenage comedy film coming your way.

Teenage Bounty Hunters Trailer

Teenage Bounty Hunters Cast

The Comedy Series On Netflix cast the fraternal twin sisters – Maddie Phillips as Sterling Wesley and Anjelica Bette Fellini as Blair Wesley. Kadeem Hardison as Bowser Simmons – the mentor to the sisters for bounty hunting. Their rival bounty hunter – Method Man as Terrance Coin. Apart from them, the supporting roles are played by Virginia Williams as Debbie Wesley, Mackenzie Astin as Anderson Wesley as the twins monther and father respectively. Blair’s crush – Myles Evans as Miles Tylor and Sterling’s boyfriend as Spencer House as Luke Creswell.

Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 1 Release Date

The comedy web series is going to release the Season 1 on 14th August, 2020.

Teenage Bounty Hunter Episodes

Season 1 will air 10 episodes. The release dates for the upcoming seasons hasn’t been declared yet.

Is Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix?

Yes, the Comedy Drama is Available on the OTT platform – Netflix from this August. It will be aired in America English Language. The American Comedy TV Series was shot in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 1 Story

To begin with, the story goes as – two fraternal twin sisters gang up with a pro bounty hunter to learn and get skilled in bounty hunting to punish criminals. The seemingly ‘normal’ girls are far from being ‘just teenagers’. They begin by taking some ‘dos and don’ts to become pro bounty hunters’ classes.

Teenage Bounty Hunters school scene
Teenage Bounty Hunters school scene from Netflix Trailer

Ofcourse with Teenage comes teenage issues. The duo too starts facing these problems starting with managing class and work life , work being being bounty hunting, to love life. One sister being sluttier than the other confess of having sex with a guy to which the other sister grossed out. Eventually they both have crush on guys and indulge in physical intimacy. As with sisters, they share these stories with one another. Apparently, they become friendly with their bounty hunter mentor and reveal each other’s secret of having sex.

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The fraternal twin sisters maintain alibi to avoid suspicion. However, few of their classmates doubt and accuse them of having being involved in something unusual activity.

Such trivial suspicion isn’t enough to stop the fraternal sisters and they eventually become pro in their venture and their part time teenage Bounty hunting continues.

Obviously we have a gift in this line of work. Do you think we can become the best bounty hunters in the land? What’s stopping us?

After few successful bounty missions, the twin fraternal sisters gains confidence. They feel they were born for such a line of work and managing the work life balance was a piece of cake.

We are totally nailing this work life balance. Why do they complain so much? It’s super easy to have it all

Watching her fraternal twin sister, Blair too develops feelings and a thirst to explore her youth. She explains

“I am a single lady and I want to meet someone interesting”.

Teenage Bounty Hunters scene
Teenage Bounty Hunters Scene From Netflix Trailer

Trying to cope up with ‘full time school going teenager’ Sterling exclaims

“I have got a lot in my plate right now like debate , camp”

Teenage Bounty Hunters IMDb

IMDb has not yet provided a rating for the American Comedy TV Series. It has slated the Genre as Comedy, Crime and Drama.

More About Teenage Bounty Hunter Stars

Maddie Phillips, a 25 year old Actress from Vancouver,Canada, has previously starred in famous Movies and TV shows like Undercover Cheerleader, A Cinderella Story, Supernatural, Shared Bath and many more.

Anjelica Bette Fellini, a New York City girl and a trained ballet dancer came to the limelight after her debut in TV show The Gifted. She aslo famous for shows like Sid is Dead, Margot, The French Dispatch etc.

Do let us know which is your favourite comedy series of all times!


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