Dilemma between Shooter on Netflix and Shooter Movie on Amazon Prime? Read this

shooter on netflix cover pic
shooter on netflix cover pic

It is surely a treat for the action junkies. The Web-series Shooter on Netflix could be said as the remake of the Shooter Movie from 2007 starring Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger. The plot of the web-series begin very much like the movie where a decorated ex-marine, living in peace with his family in a far-off place, is approached by another former marine who served with Bob Lee to help identify and prevent/terminate the threat on the life of the US president.

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Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg in short Mark Wahlberg was born in an American family on June 5, 1971. Prior to being an actor, Mark was a singer of the rap group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, a model of Calvin Kelvin. His journey in the film industry started with a miniature role in Renaissance Man(1994). Thereafter he played many pivotal roles in The Basketball Diaries, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights, Planet of the Apes(2001), The Italian Job(2003), The Shooter(2007), The Fighter(2010), MacFarlane’s Ted(2012), Lone Survivor(2013), Transformers: Age of Extinction(2014), Transformers: the last knight(2017), Daddy’s Home(2015) and it’s sequel in 2017.

The difference here being that in the Shooter Movie of 2007, Bob Lee was unmarried living just with his pet dog, however in the Shooter web-series, Bob Lee (Matthew Ryan Phillippe) lives a happy and fulfilled life with his family consisting of his wife (Shantel VanSanten as Julie Swagger) and a daughter (Lexy kolker as Mary Swagger).

Shooter on Netflix Season 1 Synopsis

Season 1 begins with Bob Lee accepting the offer to help identify the Shooter. For this he personally inspects every square inch of the area for possible kill shot scenarios. The culprit goes by the name Solotov, is a highly trained and lethal sniper with whom Bob Lee had previous encounter resulting in the death of his marksman and himself getting shot at, thus ending his career in the marine.

On the day of the assassination Bob Lee tries his best to stop the attack but fails to do so only to learn that he had been framed for trying to assassinate the president. The notes and surveillance he had done to identify the shooter was now being used against him as excruciating evidences. Within a matter of seconds his life falls apart and he becomes the prime suspect in USA. The most disturbing fact amidst all this turmoil was that he was framed by his war buddy who was now the chief of security for the president of USA himself.

matthew ryan phillippe

Matthew Ryan Phillippe, an American actor, started his career as Billy Douglas in One Life To Live, who was apparently the first gay character on day time soap. Other famous characters he played belong to I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions, 54, Shooter.

While trying to prove himself innocent and regain his lost honor, Bob Lee finds out that he is a pawn in a larger conspiracy. In his desperate attempt to save himself and keep his family out of harm’s way, the former marine goes to great lengths. With some help he proves his innocence and saves his family.

Shooter on Netflix definitely provide some real marine action and adrenaline rush.

Shooter on Netflix Season 2 Synopsis

With Season 1 coming to an end the bad guys lying lifeless on the earth, one begins to think as to what harm could befall his life next! Season 2 of Shooter on Netflix surprises the fan with altogether a new twist. The conspirators who framed Bob Lee were not letting him get away so easily. The covert organization that run and controlled almost every activity in US was now set to eliminate Swagger for good. The 8113 marine group Swagger was a part of were being hunted. Initially the reason was unknown and the members of the group tried their best to survive the attack.

Later they could relate the attacks back to their deployment days. Back in the day they had an encounter with a HVT who had tons of dope in his house. The dope reportedly belonged to the CIA. Not understanding the fact why an agency that is built to protect the nation would get into dope business with the enemy, 8113 marines decided to burn the coke. One of the captured women was willing to talk and expose the organisation. However, it could not be done as the woman was killed during a decoy by one of the agents of the dark organisation.

Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten is an American actress and model who featured in magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue. She is Well accredited for her role as Quinn James in TV drama One Tree Hill. Some of her popular television shows are The Boys, For All Mankind, Shooter, The Messengers, Gang Related, One Tree Hill, The Flash.

This killer was later identified as Solotov and his prime objective was to remain unknown. But the 8113 marines saw who he was and also had his true ID (though at that point they did not know how dangerous Solotov was), the assassin decided to kill each and every member of the group. He started with Bob Lee’s marksman and injured Bob Lee just enough to ruin his career in the marine. Years later a journalist tried to expose the Organisation and this is when Solotov became active once again and came back to finish his objective of killing the marines of 8113. The organization that created havoc in the life of Bob Lee was known as Atlas.

Season 3 Synopsis of Shooter on Netflix

Season 3 of shooter on Netflix is a continuation of Season 2 and starts with injured Bob Lee trying to escape from the hands of Solotov. He leads Solotov to the hard-drive that contains all the detailed documentation of Atlas and at last kills him in a duo. With the death of the deadly assassin everyone heaved a sigh of relief and thought the dark days were over but life had other adventures planned for them.

With so many of the loyal agents of Atlas killed, now the heads of Atlas try to finish off Bob Lee. Amidst all this Bob Lee becomes curious about the death of his father and surprising evidences surface projecting to the fact that the death of his father was part of a larger mystery. After days of enquiry and a lot of broken ribs of the culprits, Bob Lee finds out that his father Earl Swagger was one of the founding members of Atlas, which was know as Phoenix back then.

His father was recruited back in Vietnam during the war which was the beginning of the Atlas program (A covert operation run by some shady high-level people in the USA). Upon realizing that the dark stuff they made him do, Earl Swagger decided to expose Phoenix. This reaction of his made the members flutter and had him killed and staged it as police shoot out. Unfortunately, Bob Lee had to witness he death of his father as he had hid himself in the car while his father left from home.

Years later upon suspecting that there was something fishy about the death of his father he tries digging some clues and this is where he encounters Red Bama (a local meat selling company which apparently expanded its empire right after the death of Earl Swagger and the company’s owner became the agricultural minister).

Bob Lee and his associated hunted down the Atlas members one by one and in the process decided to become Atlas themselves as there couldn’t be a vacuum or else someone else would take the position.

Amidst all this, Bob Lee’s family life went through quite the turmoil. His wife was frustrated with the constant risk of them. Especially their daughter, getting hurt and that Bob Lee was naturally drawn toward danger and the fact that he enjoyed the adrenaline rush. Julie decided to take a break and live separately for some time until things could be sorted out.

The last member of Atlas, Red Bama tricks Bob Lee into believing that he was retiring and requested Bob Lee not to gun him down in the future. Bob Lee agreed but later Red hired mercenaries to assassinate Bob Lee and his family. After an intense gun fight Bob Lee killed them all but at last Red took the shot on a long gun and killed Julie (Bob Lee’s wife).

After few months Bob Lee hunted down Red with a long gun in a deserted place where Red was hiding. Bob Less’s associates Memphis and x became the new Atlas hoping that it’s best if the ‘good guys’ run it.


Is Shooter Movie on Netflix?

The Shooter, an American action adventure movie starring Mark Wahlberg ad Danny Glover is not available on Netflix. Shooter movie is available on Amazon Prime.

where can i watch Shooter full movie?

One can watch Shooter full movie on Amazon Prime.

Why did Shooter on Netflix get Cancelled?

The Netflix Original US drama faced a set back after it’s third season and USA Network has opted not to go forward with a fourth season.

How many Seasons is Shooter on Netflix?

The action adventure web series has aired three Seasons.

Is Shooter Netflix a true story?

Shooter on Netflix is based on the book Point of Impact written by Stephen Hunter, which is in turn based on a real life sniper from Vietnam.

Why did they frame Swagger in Shooter?

Swagger was the most decorated marine sniper ever. The assassination required a kill shot that was almost impossible to take and hence Swagger was the best candidate for the job. Besides, Swagger trusted very easily which made it easier to bait him without him being suspicious. The plan was to assassinate Swagger the moment the kill shot was taken but he plan failed and swagger escaped and the rest his history.

Shooter IMDb Rating

The web series IMDb rating is 7.5/10

Shooter Movie IMDb Rating

The Shooter Movie IMDb rating is 7.2/10

Do let us know which of the two is your favourite action packed pass time.



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